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Art for Your Table
In a year when we’ve been bound to our homes, art books have offered an essential escape. A few brought us as close to feeling transported as paper possibly could. At the top of 2020, legendary Japanese photographer Joji Hashiguchi reissued his seminal work We Have No Place to Be, while the ultra-hip publisher the Song Cave gave us a posthumous collection of Karlheinz Weinberger photographs chronicling teen rockers and rebels in the ’50s and ’60s. Phaidon published The Best of Nest, which helped us imagine beautiful interiors other than our own, and also the complete work of Dieter Rams, the legendary industrial designer who inspired our October issue’s Quality List. Mojave Art teamed up with Head Hi, our favorite Brooklyn bookshop/espresso bar, to assemble a mind-expanding series of art and architecture books with the idea that, grouped just so, they can be in conversation with one another. And we can’t leave off books from GQ collaborators: photographers Charlie Engman, Tyler Mitchell, and Antwaun Sargent.
MOM by Charlie Engman, $32,
We Have No Place to Be by Joji Hashiguchi, $113,
The Complete Work of Dieter Rams, $60,
Photographs: Together & Alone, by Karlheinz Weinberger $30,
The Best of Nest, by Todd Oldham, $71,
Young Gifted & Black, by Antwaun Sargent, $50,
Ettore Sottsass: The Glass, $45,
I Can Make You Feel Good, by Tyler Mitchell, $36,
Head Hi x Mojave Art, $150,

Asp & Hand Feathered Spritz Glass Set
Out: aggressively blocky glassware. In: glassware with some feeling. Asp & Hand’s delicate spritz set is shaped like Italian wine tumblers, with glass that recalls ’70s Copenhagen and ’80s California, bringing a sweet upgrade to your current bar setup. Better still, the glasses come in soft watercolor shades that offer peace of mind, even if you’re just sipping some Red Bull to make it through the afternoon all-hands.
Simple Old Fashioned Glass, $55,
▸ Veritas Glass, $60,

Article written by The Editors of GQ #GQ