It’s not uncommon for K. Michelle to weigh in on the music industry. The powerhouse singer has had an established career for over a decade and takes her craft seriously. She’s previously spoken out about the current state of R&B, sparking a discussion about its transformation from the classics of the past, and it seems that as she’s been checking out new music once again, as there were some things that she had to get off of her chest today (November 30).

“I’m so sick of y’all making a mockery of music,” the singer wrote. “God gave everyone a certain gift. Everybody can’t sing and lord knows everybody ain’t rapper. Please playing In and destroying a gift that was given to heal the world is just sad and some should be embarrassed to call this a musical interpretation. Just my opinion while listening to some music.”

In the caption, she added, “It’s just truth. Be mad if you want. I could careless.” Earlier this year, K. Michelle released her fifth studio album, All Monsters Are Human. There were only two guest features on the record: Kash Doll and City Girls. They made appearances on the album’s lead single “Supahood” and the record went on to peak at No. 3 on Billboard‘s Independent Albums chart. Check out K. Michelle’s message below.