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A brand new batch of merch has just landed in the GQ Shop, and like any great burgeoning streetwear brand, we’re thinking beyond the graphic T-shirt. Alongside certified classics like the Larry David longsleeve, the shop is now stocked with exclusive accessories like a super-soft bandana (for your head or face), a handmade sterling silver signet ring made with our friends at The Great Frog (because we practice what we preach), and a matte black Zippo lighter (*Uzi voice*: matte black).

“The only rule for the stuff we’re making is: it has to be awesome,” says GQ editor in chief Will Welch. “We’re not going to make something we don’t want to wear ourselves.” And since it’s winter and we’re layering up, we’re introducing a GQ hoodie to the shop for the first time. Inspired by the cosmic grunge of ’90s head shop iconography, the hoodie features downright tattooable 8-Ball logos on the front and back—the kind of thing you’d find if you were searching for your favorite magazine in 1996 and ducked into a smoke store instead of a newsstand.

“Our magazine aesthetic is black-and-white and super energetic and feels very modern,” says GQ design director Keir Novesky, who designed the hoodie and matching tee to fit in the graphic universe of the print magazine. But what’s really with the reaper on the back? Keir says it’s an “evil skeleton fortune teller” who is “predicting the future of fashion.” Awesome? Very.

There’s also a limited-edition Nalgene of the narrow-mouth variety the GQ style team swears by. (Try drinking from one in a moving car and you’ll see why.) “GQ being GQ, we care a lot about quality,” says Will. “For the first drop we worked with the likes of Larry David and Online Ceramics, and this time it’s brands that we all swear by: Nalgene, Zippo and The Great Frog.”

Article written by The Editors of GQ #GQ