With the NBA season just about three weeks away, teams throughout the league are showing off their City Edition jerseys for the upcoming year. These uniforms always seem to stir up a ton of debate between fans, although many are able to agree that these jerseys do a good job at representing the vibe of their respective cities. 

In the midst of trading Russell Westbrook for John Wall, the Rockets decided to unveil their City Edition jerseys last night, and as you can see in the images below, they have some heavy Houston Oilers vibes. The jerseys and the shorts are a bright shade of powder blue, all while red and white stripes are placed throughout. In many ways, these uniforms match the infamous Travis ScottAir Jordan 4s.

Typically, these jerseys lead to some polarizing reactions although, with this jersey, this simply hasn’t been the case. Instead, fans have been universally praising these, specifically the shorts. Even JJ Watt of the Houston Texans lent his opinion to the matter, noting that he’s going to need a uniform for his collection.

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