Karl-Anthony Towns has had an incredibly difficult past few months as he has dealt with the loss of perhaps the most important person in his life, his mother. Jacqueline Cruz-Towns passed away back in April after a battle with COVID-19 and since then, Towns has been having a hard time dealing with her passing. The Minnesota Timberwolves star has made sure to be incredibly forthcoming about his mental health issues during the last seven months and as he explained, basketball simply hasn’t been able to fill the void. 

During T-Wolves media day, Towns made another sad revelation as he noted that he has lost other six other family members, in addition to his mother, to COVID-19. On Thursday night, Towns lost his uncle to the virus, and now, the NBA star just wants to keep people educated about the dangers of the pandemic.

Karl-Anthony Towns

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“I’ve seen a lot of coffins in the last seven months,” Towns said. “I have a lot of people who have — in my family and my mom’s family — gotten COVID. I’m the one looking for answers still, trying to find how to keep them healthy. It’s just a lot of responsibility on me to keep my family well-informed and to make all the moves necessary to keep them alive.”

With all of these tragedies in mind, it’s truly incredible that Towns has found the strength to play this season. We wish his family condolences during this very difficult time.

Karl-Anthony Towns

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