It’s been a year that’s been relatively concert-less with the exception of the drive-in shows that took place over the past few months. But we’ve seen in places like Houston that the coronavirus pandemic isn’t necessarily preventing people from going out to shows and turning up for their favorite artist, despite how irresponsible it may be.


Last night, NBA Youngboy and his fans apparently took their chances for a packed show in Orlando, FL. The rapper touched down on the stage where he performed a slew of hits. It doesn’t seem like many were wearing masks from the footage that surfaced. As the rapper dug deeper into his catalog, fans flooded toward the front of the stage where even Youngboy was getting closer and closer to the crowd. 

This isn’t the first concert to take place during the pandemic, nor is Youngboy the first rapper to perform in a packed audience. Just a few weeks ago, Lil Baby found himself in hot water with the mayor of Houston after footage of his concert revealed patrons disregarding social distancing measures.

As we approach the end of the year, we can only predict what concerts may look like moving forward. However, with a vaccine apparently getting ready to be distributed for the top of 2021, it seems like live concerts could be back up and running at some point in the new year.