Bow Wow has just joined the list of celebrities to make their Clubhouse debut, and made sure to spill some major tea in the process. On December 6, while speaking on his childhood fame and his career first taking off, the 33-year-old “Let Me Hold You” rapper casually let it slip that Lil Wayne and Solange Knowles used to be romantically involved. The only association we’ve known the two to have has been under music-related pretences, like when they collaborated on Solange’s track, “Mad.”

He mentioned it as though the never-before-heard-of relationship was a well-known piece of information. Little did he know, he was catching listeners completely off guard with that buried lede.After dropping that bombshell, he continued to talk about his career in music like he didn’t just accidentally unveil Tunechi’s possible relationship with Solange — one that they would have managed to keep secret for who knows how long.

We can safely assume that the Lil Wayne and Solange boat has sailed and there is nothing going on between the two currently, as Wayne has been loved up with his model girlfriend, Denise Bidot, for quite some time now.

Fans took to Twitter following Bow Wow‘s Clubhouse appearance to share their reactions, confirming how shocking that news was.