It’s probably been a busy day for the PR department at the Quality Control offices. Not only did JT’s old controversial tweets resurface but Lil Babygot caught slippin’. While that might be little of a problem to the Quality Control HQ, it did transform his name into a trending topic on Twitter for the wrong reasons.

Adult film star Ms. London revealed details about her alleged encounter with Lil Baby and the timeline inevitably flipped upside down. Baby and Jayda Cheaves seemed to have addressed it in their own way but every tweet Baby shared was later taken down. Jayda, however, shared a few sick emojis which many appeared to take as a response to Ms. London’s claims.

Ultimately, London shared a DM sent from Lil Baby who put her on blast for airing out their business, especially since he was paying for discreet service. “What’s the point of paying if you do all that !! You fuccin the game up !! If I pay for pussy youn supposed to speak on it,” the message reads. “That’s bad business mama.”

It seems like these comments have now bit him in the ass. After remaining relatively quiet throughout the day, it seems that Jayda Cheaves has offered a subtle response to Lil Baby’s alleged actions. “Tryna fuck up the brand. You bad for business,” she tweeted.

After a fan replied that they hoped she wasn’t coming to Baby’s defense, she wrote, “FUCK NO GIRL.” 

Despite her response, it doesn’t seem like too many people believe that this incident will tear Baby and Jayda apart. Check out the best responses below.