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North Carolina rapper Morray has become a sensation seemingly overnight, having had his reach widened by major co-signs from J. Cole, Rick Ross, and most recently Jay-Z, who included the young rapper’s “Quicksand” on his best-of-2020 playlist. Now, Morray has come through with yet another new release in “Low Key,” this one featuring a more menacing direction from the melodic rapper. Arriving in tandem with some new visuals, in which Morray spits while toting heavy artillery surrounded by a likeminded entourage.

“On my block I stay strapped with the glizzy, cause I know n**gas plotting to get me,” he raps, his impressive voice rendering his violent musings with a sense of elegance. “Got a draco, a Glock, and a semi, either you is a op or you with me.” Between his recent singles released thus far, it’s clear that Morray is versatile in what he’s bringing to the table, a well-rounded artist at once soulful and street. Expect him to continue to ride this momentum until his eventual debut album lands in 2021, and the game will have no choice but to take notice.

Do you expect big things to come from Morray next year? 


I’m solo dolo controlling the room
Ready to wet this bitch up like a pool
Give me a reason to break my own rules
Bend it like Beckham, I aim it, then shoot
The young and the restless, I’ll soap opera you
Kill your ass off with no contract renewed

Article written by Mitch Findlay #HotNewHipHop