Ever since retiring from the NFL, Michael Irvin has been one of the Dallas Cowboys’ biggest supporters. Whenever he is on TV, he makes sure to give the Cowboys the benefit of the doubt all while describing just how great they are. Even when the Cowboys are having a bad season, Irvin tries his best to motivate the team and keep fans energized. Unfortunately, this season hasn’t given Cowboys fans much reason to be happy, and as a result, Irvin is starting to lose faith in his boys.

While speaking on 105.3 The Face recently, Irvin spoke about the Cowboys and how they were recently flexed out of Sunday Night Football in favor of the Cleveland Browns. As Irvin explained, this latest update is a sad state of affairs that describes just how bad the season has been.

“Can you imagine, man, the Dallas Cowboys flexed out for the Cleveland Browns? Honestly, that’s a new low. That’s just absolutely a new low,” Irvin said sadly.

The Cowboys season was immediately a lost cause as soon as Dak Prescott injured his ankle in brutal fashion just a few weeks into the season. Now, the team will have to wait until next year to have a shot at the playoffs, which is certainly a huge blow to fans.

Michael Irvin

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images