Verzuz keeps going up with every single stream. Swizz and Timbo truly found a way for people to enjoy live entertainment from the comfort of their homes during the global pandemic. The first season allowed them to figure out the formula that truly worked and now, things are going down without a hitch. 

Though the hip-hop heads got their moment to witness Jeezy and Gucci Mane go song-for-song, tonight’s edition of Verzuz is certainly one for the 90s babies and R&B lovers. Ashanti and Keyshia Colewill be going hit-for-hit tonight and fans are anticipating a whole lotta nostalgia. And of course, plenty of people plan to be drunkenly singing along to the hits, even if they can’t actually sing. Plenty of folks offered memes on ‘starter packs’ for the evening while others anticipate that the evening ends with drunk texts. Either way, people are excited.

The two Libras are set to go hit-for-hit at 8 p.m. tonight on Verzuz Instagram page as well as Apple Music. Ultimately, Verzuz is a celebration of music, culture and the contributions the respective artists had to the music industry as a whole. However, fans are still choosing sides. Some believe that Keyshia Cole will take it while others are banking on Ashanti.

Who’s your money on tonight for Verzuz? Check out some of the best reactions and predictions below.