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Chance the Rapper and Jeremih teamed up to bring the world Merry Christmas Lil Mama: The Gift That Keeps on Giving. The tape takes some already released tracks and introduces a few new ones. Of those new tracks, “Who’s To Say” stands out. This mellow holiday track finds Chance at his best. The Chicago rapper always sounds the most potent when being candid, and storytelling on a relatable level. 

A cinematic instrumental that features a gorgeous violin sample behind marching pace percussions is the highlight of “Who’s To Say.” The beat is beautiful. and is mesmerizing to listen to. Chance employs a very simplistic flow for his verse, but lays down a soulful hook that warms the soul. 

Quotable Lyrics
Love is the casualty of war
My little cousin thought that I ain’t love him anymore
Nothin’ could be farther from the truth
Here, take this liquor and this Swisher as a truce
I was just mad ’cause you stole
I was mad, but it’s old
We gon’ talk about it face to face
Forgiveness is the answer and auntie’s is the place

Article written by Karlton Jahmal #HotNewHipHop