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NLE Choppa‘s growth has been fun to watch over the past few months as he has completely disavowed his lyrical content of the past, all while changing up his style to offer more positivity to the world. Now, the artist is meditating on a daily basis and offering up a more melodic approach to his music. This was evident on his From Dark To Light project and it’s certainly the case on his brand new track, “Jiggin.”

With this song, it feels as though NLE’s goal is to get people moving as he offers up some catchy flows and hooks. The lyrics themselves are braggadocios and see NLE trying to woo a woman, all while bigging himself up. Meanwhile, the production offers NLE room to experiment.

Check the track out, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I heard shawty singlе bestie
I steppеd up, then I dressed up and she undressed me
Shut up ’bout yo’ mans, romance meant to be messy
Messed up, but she kept up, that shit impressed me

Article written by Alexander Cole #HotNewHipHop