There have been Monday Night Football moments that have grabbed attention, but not many have to do with whether or not a football player needed to get off the field in order to use the bathroom. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson became a topic of conversation during last night’s (December 15) game against the Cleveland Browns. Jackson was seen on camera hobbling to the locker room and when he was noticeably absent during the fourth, spectators teased the baller about leaving the game because he crapped his pants.

The memes rolled in by the thousands after the public grabbed hold of the jokes, but Jackson returned to clarify that he didn’t have any mishaps. “I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce,” Jackson said. “I was cramping.” He added that he was receiving IV treatments to deal with the cramps.

Sports fans will recognize the Pierce reference because Jackson was giving a nod to the basketball icon’s moment at the 2008 NBA Finals. During Game 1, Pierce was removed from the court in a wheelchair, leaving many to believe he suffered some great injury. However, Pierce would later reveal that he “just had to the bathroom.” Check out a few jokes below.