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When in doubt, sometimes revisiting a single is the wisest course of action. Such was indeed the case for Toronto’s own TOBi, who delivered the uplifting single “Made Me Everything” in September. A triumphant anthem that found TOBi attempting to rewrite the negative narrative surrounding 2020, the track was a breath of fresh air for those who take comfort in optimism. Now, TOBi has come through to deliver a proper sequel, enlisting Maxo Kream for assistance. And with a lyricist as solid as Maxo on board, you knew TOBi wasn’t about to recycle bars from the first go-around.

“When you share laughs with somebody, you acquaintances,” he raps, closing out his opening verse. “But when you share tears, you family and that’s the way it is.” Once the chorus wraps, Maxo slides into the fold, sounding at ease over Alex Goose’s production. While he doesn’t stay for too long, his presence does provide “Pt 2” with additional gravitas, though it does feel like Maxo’s verse concludes as it was beginning to gain momentum. Either way, TOBi is more than capable of carrying the bulk of the weight, and while this sequel isn’t exactly a reinvention of its predecessor, it’s a solid expansion nonetheless. 


You the strong friend? I feel you girl
That’s for real, don’t kill yourself trying to heal the world
Cause when you share laughs with somebody, you acquaintances
But when you share tears, you family and that’s the way it is

Article written by Mitch Findlay #HotNewHipHop