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The premier clothes retailer in Chicago is Jugrnaut Chicago, a local streetwear company. Jugrnaut has always been on the cutting edge of what’s next, not only in fashion but also in the city’s culture, since 2007. Jugrnaut uncovered the opportunities that NFTs, such as Gutter Cat Gang, present retailers, as well as how major companies are leveraging NFTs to increase sales, brand awareness, and loyalty.

NFT collections will be brought to life on Saturday, April 30th from 5pm to 8pm at Jugrnaut Chicago (427 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60605), Chicago’s fashion-forward shop! GCG’s upcoming merchandise collaboration inspired by Chicago street culture is being celebrated. Gutter Cat Gang is providing unique shopping experiences to their community, and by expanding the retail business, they will be at the forefront of fashion innovation and the future digital frontier.

“We have a deep appreciation for independent Chicago streetwear brands. Chicago is often overlooked for cities like New York or L.A., but Chicago’s creative community is driven by people like Manny and his team who created a subculture of loyal fans, like Chance the Rapper,” said GCG Founding team. “They embody the Chicago culture –  community-centric and rich in diversity. Jugrnaut’s art style is what attracted us to this partnership as we feel that it aligns very well with the Gutter Cat Gang brand.”

Patrons will be able to gawk at the exhibit starting May 1st. By going to, connecting your wallet with GCG assets, and signing a message to establish ownership, you can have access to new Jugrnaut Chicago and Gutter Cat Gang collab gear. A registration QR code will appear when you sign. Download the tokenproof mobile app (iOS/Android). Scan the registration QR code with the tokenproof mobile app to pair the mobile app to your wallet with GCG assets. You have now successfully completed the tokenproof enrollment process and will be able to verify your NFT ownership at future GCG events.

You can see images from the preview event below.

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Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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