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One of the biggest albums of the year was just released as disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly and the content of the album leans towards a lot of the allegations that Kelly is currently fighting in federal court.

The 13-track album isn’t even an official album, but with its seductive title, I Admit It, many of his fans and critics want to hear about Kelly’s dark past as well as investigate to see if there are any more clues as to whether or not he’s guilty of the crimes he’s currently on trial for.

There is a three-part series on the album called “I Admit it (I Did It)”, which hit SoundCloud four years ago, but just made its way to Apple Music and Spotify this time around. R. Kelly confronts the allegations head on as the tracks play, saying, “They’re brainwashed, really? Kidnapped, really? Can’t eat, really? Real talk, that s*** sound silly.”

Kelly even goes as far as saying one of the parents of his alleged victims introduced them, singing, “And if you really, really wanna know. Her father dropped her off at my show. And told this boy to put her on the stage. I admit that she was overage.”

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An update has now reported that Spotify and Apple Music have both pulled the album from their platforms, with Spotify reinforcing their 2018 prohibition of Kelly’s music when the sex cult allegations originally surfaced.

Article written by Sha Be Allah #TheSource