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Fashion styling has been an integral pillar of first-class musician’s success for decades. Whether it is for events, social media, or content creation, clothing is an embodiment of an artist’s brand and a big reflection of how they will be perceived. Now more than ever, the realm of styling has expanded even more to capture the demand for creative direction. Artists are frequently seeking out creative direction to bring their entire vision to life. 

Original Creative Agency (OCA) is the world’s first agency that strictly represents creative directors. Founded by two former artists, Jesse Rose and Jesse Rogg, the agency represents 90 percent of the top 1 percent of musicians. Both founders started off as separate music producers who eventually joined forces to produce artists together.

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Rose said, “When we started our company, Kanye was leading the idea of having a creative team, but also Beyoncé had a creative team as well. And so, our kind of job was like, ‘How can we give other artists a creative team and facilitate that for them?’ And slowly over the last five years, it’s just become more and more essential.” Rogg replied, “I know that the term creative director is a slightly nebulous term. It can mean many different things. To us, it really means to be the architect of the entire creative universe for an artist, or a brand, or whoever a client is, and to make sure that house gets built properly, and the story gets told properly and whatnot.”

The diversification of online and social media content creation has transcended previous traditions of baseline magazine covers, spreads, and music videos. Now, there are so many different platforms that require creative management to truly uphold a relevant and consistent aesthetic. As artists begin to embark on regularly scheduled tours and other events post lockdown, it is important to note how the management of content can completely alter outcomes for better or for worse. 

The evolution of their pairings with some of music’s biggest creative forces has led them to expand their clientele in the culture, entertainment and fashion space. In 2022, OCA collaborated with  Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Steve Lacy, Nicki Minaj, A24, Cardi B, Machine Gun Kelly, Apple, Alicia Keys and many more. As far as fashion goes, the agency has begun working with designer Humberto Leon and fashion creative director Sarah Bassett. 

Article written by Meadow Milana #TheSource

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