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Hip hop lives on – a clear statement made with Joe Kane Uncut & Chedda Boy Malik’s collab album, “Underground Kanez.”

Detroit city is again being praised for its talented lyricists with the release of the joint album “Underground Kanez” by Joe Kane Uncut & Chedda Boy Malik, formerly Eddie Kane. The two geniuses let loose a relentless stream of rhyme-heavy bars throughout the Arsenic produced project. Only rappers at their level can create an album with tracks for every vibe. Whether it’s the P.O.G. Tha Giant produced street banger “Slidin’”, “Bad Bitches Only” dedicated to elevating, uplifting, and empowering all women, or the Diego Cruz directed lead single “Gremlins,” fans can listen to “Underground Kanez” in any of life’s moments.

Joe Kane Uncut has never disappointed with his lyrical displays on the mic. Across his 7 albums lies a goldmine of songs. His debut 2006 album “The Kate Moss Diet” set the stage for those to follow, like his Jeffery Dahmer themed 2019 project, “D.O.M.R.” (Death of Mumble Rap). The album was creatively written to incorporate the symbolism of sinister tracks that depicted Joe Kane Uncut as Jeffrey Dahmer slaying all mumble rappers. As if that concept wasn’t a feat in itself, he went on to release the 2020 album “Rico” which was filled with quotes from the ”Napoleon Dynamite” character, Uncle Rico. His 2021 album “Black Cloud” had a tough catalog to beat, but of course, Joe Kane did it effortlessly. Alongside his other accolades like working with Detroit legends and opening up for Royce Da 5’9 and Slaughterhouse, he’s still shattering expectations.

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Chedda Boy Malik is no different when it comes to talent. His path to becoming the lyricist he is began with the Eastside Chedda Boyz. From there he’s released timeless songs like “I’m a Chedda Boy” and “Oh Boy,” with equally iconic projects like “The Eddie Kane Of Rap: Volume 1,” right up to “Feed The Block: 2.” 

Joe Kane Uncut & Chedda Boy are pillars of hip hop. It’s a no-brainer to listen to their joint album “Underground Kanez.”

Instagram (Joe Kane Uncut): @joekaneuncut

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource