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The most influential Black celebrities on social media were recently revealed and you won’t guess who was listed at the top. New research was used by analysing Instagram and Twitter followings as well as follower engagement rates.

Beyoncé ranks eighth on the list of social media’s most influential black celebrities, with an influence score of 75.86 out of 100. The legendary singer and songwriter has 294.7 million followers on Instagram and 15.7 million followers on Twitter

French footballer Kylian Mbappé ranks as the most influential black celebrity on social media, with a social media influence score of 93.18 out of 100. The 24-year old, who currently plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, has a whopping 97.1 million Instagram followers and 11.7 million Twitter followers. He was found to have the highest Instagram engagement rate out of any celebrity in the list at 12.09%, and the second highest Twitter engagement rate, at 2.43%. It is worth noting this is well above the average engagement rate for any user on either platform, which is 0.98% for Instagram and 0.04% for Twitter.

The study, conducted by Black lifestyle brand That Sister, used data to create a combined social media influence score for more than 20 of the most popular Black celebrities. The overall score took into account the number of followers each celebrity has on Instagram and Twitter, as well as their audience engagement rates on both platforms.

See the full list below.

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Who did you expect to be in the top 5 most influential?

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource