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One of the most beloved Air Jordan 1 High collabs may be getting a sequel, with rumors that a new Union x Air Jordan 1 is reportedly hitting retail this year.

According to leaker account @Mr_Unloved1s on Instagram, a new Union x Air Jordan 1 High collab is slotted to drop this summer. There is no leaked imagery of the purported collab available at the time of writing, but the account reveals the shoe is expected to don a multicolored makeup, with sail, wolf grey, pele vanilla, kinetic green, and university gold hits throughout the model. According to @Soleretriever, the rumored style is also expected to feature a woven construction on the upper and is expected to include a vintage aesthetic much like the duo’s Jordan 1 Highs from 2018.

Sole Collector reached out to Union founder Chris Gibbs about the purported Union x Air Jordan 1 High collab. In a response, Gibbs said he couldn’t make any comments that either confirm or deny the rumors. Read Gibbs’ full statement on the rumored Union x Air Jordan 1 collab below.

Union has a proud history of collaborating with Jordan. We are honored and privileged to have this relationship and the last 5 years have been amazing! We appreciate the support we have had from Brand Jordan, the sneaker community at large and of coarse our loyal Union fanbase.

It has been our company stance to not comment on future projects until we are ready start our marketing campaign around any particular launch. Although this stance has been extremely hard to keep at times, we are sticking to it. We are holding our ground although it’s increasingly difficult to bite our tongue. Especially when you consider that it seems as though most of the people that seemingly go to great lengths to leak our projects never seem to have access to a decent camera. Most of the leaked images seem to be taken using the same camera that “The Flintstones” used and the lighting and focus is typically reminiscent of photos of “Sasquatch” or “Loch Ness Monster” sightings. … But I digress.

And isn’t half the fun around any sneaker launch also tethered to the hunt anyway? What would any self respecting sneaker launch be without rumors of release dates, and fan mock ups of what they think is coming out or even better what they think we should have designed? I can’t take that away from us, I won’t!

Needless to say, I am sorry but I can’t make any comments that either deny or confirm the current rumors swirling around a potential 2023 Union Jordan collaboration other than to say, “Let the hunt begin!”

Article written by Victor Deng #SoleCollector