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Grammy-Nominated Performer, Halle Bailey is the newest celebrity ambassador lending her time and expertise to mentor 100 kids in this year’s 2023 Disney Dreamers Academy.

Thursday Halle Bailey Magic Kingdom 4

Disney Dreamers Academy pulled out all of the stops to cultivate the dreams of 100 bright and intelligent high school students across America. The star-studded 4-Day event began with a parade at Magic Kingdom Park featuring Disney Dreamers Academy celebrity ambassador, Halle Bailey, Disney executive Tracey D. Powell and Disney Princess Tiana.

Thursday Halle Bailey Magic Kingdom 5
Halle Bailey, Disney Exec Tracey D. Powell and Princess Tiana at Magic Kingdom

The one-of-a-kind program is designed to broaden students’ career awareness and create opportunities, mentor through workshops and uplift their confidence to prepare them for the future. The 100 students, along with a parent or guardian, receive an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney World to participate in the program.


Halle, who will play the iconic role of Ariel in the upcoming remake of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” hosted the students all weekend spending time in the park and gave the most endearing commencement speech sharing her experience with naysayers and self-doubt.

“I found out that how you handle a rough patch says so much about not just where you are but where you plan to be. When I landed the role of Ariel, I was happy…shocked, excited— a host of feelings. What came next was… I assumed that everyone else in the world would feel what I was feeling. And arguably looking back there were probably a lot more rooting for me than against me. But the naysayers, those that were negative were loud. Very loud.”

She revealed, “For the first time in my life there was negativity targeted deliberately toards me because I looked different than the original character. There were days that I thought, no one wants me to win. But here is how I coped.  ‘Who are you?’ I asked myself, whether someone is supportive or not, do you know who you are? Did I accept this role for all good things? Do I see it as a blessing? Did Rob Marshall, the films’ director, make the right decision in casting me? In making a historic casting for an iconic role? And all those answers were yes and those yeses started drowning out the no’s that were trying to shake me. And in the end the loudest voice in your head should be yours. Simple but effective. ‘Who am I?’ I am Halle Bailey and I am a winner and a dreamer.”

Bailey is one of several Hollywood stars who participated in the annual mentoring program by Walt Disney World Resort. Some of the other celebrities included R&B singing sensation H.E.R.,actor/producer Marsai Martin (ABC show “black-ish”), and Jalyn Hall (feature film “Till’’).

“If it wasn’t for my mentors, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Bailey said. “I’m excited to work with these students and be a mentor for them as they find their passions in life.”

Thursday Halle Bailey Magic Kingdom 3

“Disney Dreamers Academy is an important part of Walt Disney World’s commitment to supporting Black students and teens from underrepresented communities across America, by encouraging the next generation to think big and to carry what they learn back home with them,” said Tracey D. Powell, Vice President of Travel Services/Pricing and Revenue Management and Disney Dreamers Academy executive champion. “We hope to encourage these dreamers to relentlessly pursue their dreams and make a difference in the
lives of others.”

Scroll to the 1:02:00 mark for Halle’s Speech.

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