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J Young MDK continues to unleash banger after banger for his growing fanbase. Currently based in Atlanta, J Young MDK is the definition of a go-getter, someone who spends his waking hours perfecting his craft. Whether’s he’s recording music, acting, or directing, J Young MDK’s passion and hard work ethic shines through in any endeavor he steps into.

Now, J Young MDK returns with his newest single and visual titled “All I Need Forever.” The motivational anthem encourages anyone who’s listening to channel their inner boss, the inner GOAT within themselves. With this song, J Young MDK reminds you that you can overcome anything in life, and to fight like a heavyweight champion through it all.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the record, J Young MDK states, “I was feeling underrated, unappreciated, and overlooked. I wanted to come with that energy and let people know that I’m here and I’ve arrived. That was the initial feeling, to let them know every boss took a loss and now you have to shake it off. That was my mood and how I was feeling at the time. I took a couple of L’s that weren’t visible to people. It was my way of overcoming those L’s.”

As far his visuals, J Young MDK works frequently with his guy Joe. Time time, he wanted a video that was iconic, epic, and cinematic, with the goal of leaving people with something to talk about.

J Young MDK adds, “At the same time, I was fresh off the no more ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ song. I didn’t want it to feel commercial, I wanted it to feel more gritty and grimey. I wanted it to feel underground, like the heavyweight champion overcoming something.”

Fans can look forward to J Young MDK’s dropping his album later this summer.

Article written by Shirley Ju #TheSource