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Mother’s Day is around the corner and any gift of ease serves as the perfect retreat for women who sacrifice daily for their loved ones. After a rough few years, there’s been a rise in popularity of health and wellness around the country. Many are taking their diets and self care regimens more seriously and looking for ways to better themselves. Why not offer the gift of comfort and luxury to the woman who deserves the best of everything. From multifunctional ovens to bedding that feels like a cloud, we’ve compiled our favorite must haves for the health conscious lady in your life.

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Felicity’s Seamoss

Give the gift of energy with this amazing sea vegetable full of 92 minerals and perfect for instantly clearing the body of mucus. Imported from Zanzibar, this 6-year old entrepreneur prides herself in teaching the world about the benefits of sea moss. Perfect in teas and smoothies, Felicity’s Seamoss gel is an instant picker-upper for anyone low on energy and in need of an immune boost, In addition she offers blends which include African soursop, Blackseed, Bladderwrack, Moringa, Elderberry and more. Add this to your mom’s regimen and you’re sure to want some for yourself!

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource