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Celebrity tattooist + Black Ink Cast member Spyder hosted a Black Ink Season 10 watch party at “Tribeca Social” in Tribeca area of Manhattan. Fans, friends, family and cast members came to the space to celebrate the long awaited season premiere. With the leader of the pack, Black Ink Franchise owner Ceaser being off of the show and separated from the VH1 Network, fans did not expect another season, so this event was not only special it was a surprise for all.

Des and Spyder

During the episode the crowd quickly saw the divide between the crew. Original cast members since season one, Puma and Teddy wanted to continue the Black Ink legacy without Ceaser and open up another shop under the “Black Ink” name.  Spyder, being a loyal brother to Ceaser and the only REAL + CURRENT “Black Ink Brooklyn” employee, was not feeling the idea of creating another shop without Ceaser, especiallyunder Puma’s reign, specifically because he isn’t an artist nor is he the one that started it. Other cast members were either indifferent or wasn’t down at all. You can tell that this season is going to be a spicy one.

Notable attendees included cast members, Krystal, RokDrayaRichand Jahnovaa. Executive Producer/Journalist Kim Osorio, Playboy Bunny Anna Strindberg, Media Personality Holiday The Golden Child, Real Estate Mogul Marc Lippman, Celebrity Attorney Stephanie Ovadia as well as Giacomo head of sales for Cheyenne Tattoo equipment and more.

This was the first and will definitely not be the last. Spyder will be having watch parties throughout the season. This event was powered by Chasity Cox Public Relations and Chase Simms Movement. Black Ink Crew New York airs on Mondays at 8pm.

Check out pics below.

image (2)

Photos By: @shotsbyseanbell

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource

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