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Rapper Sauce Walka is back talking to anyone that will listen and once again he’s reiterating that he doesn’t like black women. In a new interview, the Houston rapper shares that his preference is to date White women vs. Black women. “They are more open to it being a business relationship & accepts my lifestyle of having multiple women. Black women aren’t open to teamwork and not being the only woman.”


He’s often on the internet showcasing white women lotioning his body or participating in his OnlyFans movement. Sauce is known for his views on black women and has stated in the past, “I’m rich for real, I got White b***hes who wash my dishes and clean my clothes, and dry my body off when I get out the shower.” Every interview he expresses his disdain for black women who won’t get in line with his views and denounce them for ‘foreign women’ which he prefers.

When asked if he would ever date a black woman, Sauce honestly replies, “I love black women and would f**k a Black b***h, but no I wouldn’t date them.” While he has nothing against black women, Sauce says his preference to only date white girls is a “good business decision,” because he catches everyone’s attention with their relationship.

As to why he won’t do business with black women, Sauce, whose real name is Albert Walker Mondane, reasons that black people don’t value teamwork.Watch below, thoughts?

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource