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A few weeks ago actor Isaiah Washington went viral when he threatened to expose scandalous secrets about the hit show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ before he got fired.

Now Isaiah has revealed that he was sexually harassed by Hollywood giants George Clooney and Sam Rockwell and shares that Hollywood prefers men in dresses.

George Clooney, Isaiah Washington and Sam Rockwell

In a series of tweets, Washington shares that he also believes Hollywood likes ‘boys to be big black and strong in Hollywood’and tags A-list actors in dresses.

I’m wondering if I posted about the Actor Sam Rockwell being drunk and flicking my dck in a bar and when I told him to apologize before I kicked his ass and told the Producers (The Russo Brothers) that I was going to handle him, he finally apologized and bought me a bottle of Scotch. Two nights later Actor George Clooney walks up to me in the same bar and says, “I hear that you don’t like getting your dck flicked” and does the exact same thing knowing that I couldn’t knock his out. Will the mainstream media write about these allegations in this tweet? Nope. No Cease and Desist and just crickets. What they need to do is leave me the hell alone, before I really start talking. I wonder…

They like them boys to be big black and strong in Hollywood. With Black Men like that who needs a Black Woman?
and all the other dress wearing brothers trying to take Black Women Place.

Below Washington reveals a male makeup artist grabbed his thigh. Thoughts?

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource