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Last year Basketball Wives LA cast member Brittish Williams was arrested on fraud charges. British pleaded guilty to five counts of misuse of a Social Security number, four counts of bank fraud, three counts of making false statements to the IRS and three counts of wire fraud. The frauds she pleaded guilty to amounted to $446,000 in stolen funds.

Brittish has now accepted a plea deal admitting her guilt.

NBC 4 reports:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement and said that British admitted to not accurately reporting her income on recent tax returns and falsely claiming a niece and nephew as dependents. Prosecutors said she also avoided more than $29,000 in taxes from 2017 through 2019.

She allegedly used other people’s Social Security numbers to open accounts with credit card companies and banks. She apparently used those numbers to deposit checks totaling more than $23,000 from other people’s accounts and withdrew the money.

‘Three pandemic frauds and insurance fraud are included in Williams’ guilty plea. She submitted nine applications for disaster loans aimed at helping businesses during the pandemic, four applications for the Paycheck Protection Program, and one application for a rent relief program in California. The plea says she used $144,000 in government loans for her personal lifestyle.

British received $27,800 in rent relief after falsely claiming she was a California resident with a total household income of less than $50,000 and had reduced work hours. Her work hours were not reduced because of the pandemic, the plea says. Also, her rent was reimbursed by the network that produces “Basketball Wives,” a TV show that she was featured on.

If convicted, she’s looking at up to 30 years in the slammer for the bank fraud charges, 20 years for the wire fraud charges, and up to five years each for the five charges of misusing a SS number.

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Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource

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