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Aoki Lee Simmons has made history as one of Harvard University’s youngest graduates after finishing school one year early. Her mother, model/entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons posted video and photos on her Instagram page crying tears of joy.

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Kimora Lee and Aoki Lee

The proud mom wrote:

My baby girl is a HARVARD GRADUATE!!! AND with a double major! AND one of the youngest in recent history to do so at only 20 years young! This is CRAZYY! IM SO SO SOO PROUD! AND all the while carrying a full time job modeling! But YOU DID IT!-WE DID IT! Mama loves you soooo much my brainy beauty! These are hard fought tears anyone who knows us will know! 😭❤️❤️ #harvard2023

Aoki has been very vocal about social issues and never holds her tongue about hard to discuss topics. She told PEOPLE magazine following her graduation, “I feel grateful, proud and relieved — in that order! It’s a surreal feeling to be done with something that was such a huge part of my life. Now, like every other graduate, I’m on to the next chapter. I’m so thankful for the village of people that spurred me along and helped keep me focused. My mom, my sister, my little brothers back at home. It took a whole tribe, trust me!”

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Congratulations Aoki, we salute you!

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