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The summer is heating up and so are the hottest rooftop venues! Sunday night, Elsewhere’s open-air rooftop Rooftop Space was flooded with the who’s who’s of NYC flowing to the sounds of top DJ’s to date. South House NYC hosted their South House vs. Naija House party and it exuded everything you want for your pre-summer festivities and more. Open to the public Tuesday through Sunday, this year, Elsewhere’s 5,000-square-foot rooftop offers an updated food and beverage menu over stunning views.

Entering the first floor, the vibes of Afro-beats instantly hit the ears of guests enjoying the music. Before entering the room, the Taco Stand garnered a long line of people waiting for their tasty bites. The place was packed from wall to wall with everyone dancing and in complete gratification of the energy in the room.

The second floor theme was giving full on south vibes as guests danced to Juveniles, “Back That Ass Up”. Every girl rushed to the dance floor to cheer one another on as they got low twerking to the beat. Guests were gliding through the crowd feeling the impact of the well spun tunes. Leading out of the room, the savior of the wooden fans provided by South House, with the term “Don’t Sweat The Small SHIT” cooled off the crow dancing to their favorite songs.

IMG 9662
Elsewhere’s Rooftop Party

As Kendrick Lamars “ Don’t Kill My Vibe” played on the rooftop during the sunset, it was evident that this is where the cool down happens. Blending amongst the crowd, the legendary rapper from A Tribe Called Quest—Q-Tip was spotted enjoying the scene and taking in the atmosphere. You never know who you’ll see at Elsewhere.

In addition to the eclectic crowd, Elsewhere brings a homely feel with several planters filling the venue, a digital bar menu making it easy to make purchases using the provided wristband. Bushwick has a winner for sure. Stop by to take in some music and the sunset skyline with a frozen drink in hand.

Check out ‘Elsewhere Space’ here. To find out more about South House events head here.

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-Chasity Cox

Check out Elsewhere’s June schedule lineup below.

JUNE 2023

Friday, June 2: Qrion

Monday, June 5: Hadji Gaviota

Friday, June 9: Miane

Saturday, June 10: Justin Jay 

Sunday, June 11: Donavan’s Yard

Tuesday, June 13: Neggy Gemmy

Wednesday, June 14: Maurice Brown

Thursday, June 15: Satin Jackets 

Friday, June 16: Surf Mesa

Saturday, June 17: Anna LunoeS

unday, June 18: Soul Summit

Thursday, June 22: Kaleena Zanders

Friday, June 30: SOSA

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource