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In an exciting development for basketball and soda enthusiasts alike, PepsiCo’s newest lemon-lime flavored soda, STARRY®, has emerged as the official soft drink of the NBA. And now, as the NBA Finals 2023, presented by YouTube TV, kicks off, STARRY® is set to dominate the court with its highly anticipated “3>2” campaign, which promises to add an extra sparkle to the game’s most thrilling moments. The campaign will launch during Game 1 of the Finals, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

Building on its ongoing partnership with the NBA, STARRY® is introducing a series of innovative and entertaining initiatives that showcase a fun and comedic take on the origins of the 3-point shot. Anchoring the campaign is a captivating short film and commercial titled “3>2: A STARRY® Story,” featuring popular basketball stars Zion Williamson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Angel Reese, and Matt Barnes.


In this unique production, the audience is taken on a nostalgic journey through the 40-year legacy of the 3-pointer, narrated by STARRY® characters Lem and Lime. The film blends historical footage of the iconic shot with a fresh perspective, adding a distinct flavor that basketball fans will surely savor.

“3>2: A STARRY® Story” unfolds with Zion, Karl-Anthony, Angel, and Matt hosting a basketball camp for aspiring young players. The unexpected appearance of Lem and Lime sparks laughter as they recount the humorous and improbable tale of how they persuaded the NBA to embrace the 3-point shot. The duo’s storytelling highlights the transformative impact of the shot and its eventual widespread acceptance throughout the league. Notably, the film pays homage to Lem and Lime’s influential role in helping young talent like Jamal Murray develop their STARRY Range, propelling the 3-ball into the spotlight.

“STARRY is really bringing the fun to the game and we all had a great time on set shooting it together,” said basketball superstar, Angel Reese. “The attitude and personality of the brand shines bright, and I know fans are going to love the unique and creative STARRY take on how the 3-pointer came to be thanks to my new friends, Lem and Lime.” 

“The conversations around the 3-pointer and its impact on the NBA have been debated far and wide, and we’re excited to tell the STARRY version of the history behind the shot that changed the game forever,” said Michael Smith, senior director of STARRY brand marketing. “As a fresh new brand and the official soft drink of the NBA, we wanted to embrace hoops culture during a pivotal moment in the NBA season and give fans something fun to talk about in a way that only STARRY could.”

Complementing the short film, STARRY® is launching the “Dial A 3” hotline, inviting fans to engage with the campaign in a playful and interactive way. The hotline offers fans a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Lem and Lime while enjoying witty banter, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and exclusive content. Fans tuning in can dial 1-833-3PT-SHOT for a chance to win 3 tickets to the 3-Point COntest during NBA All-Star Weekend 2024, a 3-Wheeler, 3 autographed jerseys from 3 professional basketball players, 3-piece suit, 3 reclines for the ultimate NBA viewing experience, 3 3-legged STARRY branded barstools and more.

Dial a Three KV
Dial a Three KV

Happy watching during the NBA Finals

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource