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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we have to show our favorite men we appreciate and adore them, too! While mom’s get all the flower’s, poems and accolades, the guys are usually left with outdated ties and wallets. Why not surprise the dad who has everything this year with creative and innovative ways to make him smile. From easy-to-order healthy food subscriptions for when its ‘his time to cook’ to easy to install electric bidet seats—this guide is perfect for that Dad who already has everything.
Check out our must-haves of the season!

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Felicity’s Seamoss

Give the gift of energy with this amazing sea vegetable full of 92 minerals and perfect for instantly clearing the body of mucus. Imported from Zanzibar, this 6-year old entrepreneur prides herself in teaching the world about the benefits of sea moss. Perfect in teas and smoothies, Felicity’s Seamoss gel is an instant picker-upper for anyone low on energy and in need of an immune boost, In addition she offers blends which include African soursop, Blackseed, Bladderwrack, Moringa, Elderberry and more. Add this to your dad’s regimen and you’re sure to want some for yourself!

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource

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