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Former NWA member Ice Cube was born June 15, 1969. He has set his own mark in gangsta rap music since leaving N.W.A in 89′ and has built a successful solo career in music and film. In celebration of his birthday, here are our 5 favorite gangsta roles played by Ice Cube in his substantial movie career thus far.

1. Darin “Doughboy” Baker: Boyz In The Hood


Ice Cube’s debut role as “Doughboy” in the hood classic Boyz In The Hood, portrays a gangbanger straight out of South Central who never knew his father and lives with his uncaring mother who clearly favors his all-star football playing brother over him.

2. Fudge: Higher Learning


Cube’s role Fudge in Higher Learning portrayed an Afrocentric senior on a racist college campus. His “Black Power” stance sets the tone alongside rapper Busta Rhymes and actor Omar Epps.

3. Savon: Trespass


As “Savon” in Trespass, Cube plays a hot headeded hit man for rapper/actor Ice-T who ends up being his arch enemy by the climax of the flick.

4. Reggie: Player’s Club

players club

As Reggie in Player’s Club, Cube depicts a broke pimp and womanizer who hangs out in the strip club looking for a come up.

5. Trey Wallace: Torque

ice cube torque

Cube’s role as Trey Wallace was one of the leading roles of his movie career. He played the leader of a Black biker gang called the Reapers and his brother was played by rapper/actor Fredro Starr of Onyx.

Article written by Sha Be Allah #TheSource