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Reebok has unveiled its latest footwear and apparel collection, titled “FOMO Is Dead,” emphasizing durability and a lived-in aesthetic. Breaking away from the classic pristine white sneakers, this line reminds sneaker enthusiasts that shoes are meant to be worn and enjoyed rather than being kept as display pieces.

The FOMO Is Dead collection showcases a vintage-inspired look with heritage details, providing each pair of shoes with a pre-worn appearance. Reebok aims to shift the focus from the fear of missing out (FOMO) on exclusive releases to the joy of experiencing sneakers as part of one’s daily lifestyle.

With this collection, Reebok celebrates the notion that sneakers should withstand the test of time and be embraced as versatile and functional fashion choices. The FOMO Is Dead collection invites individuals to embrace the lived-in feel and confidently wear their sneakers, letting them tell their unique stories through each scuff and mark.

The collection includes:

  • CLUB C 85 ($90) – The iconic court shoe, the Club C 85, incorporates Reebok heritage colorways and a badge from the Reebok Archive on the tongue to spark nostalgia. White/burgundy and white/green available in unisex sizing. White/rose and white/blue available in women’s sizing.
  • CLASSIC LEATHER ($100) – Featuring a soft terry lining and faded suede heel tab, this version of the historic Reebok running shoe feels lived in and comfortable fresh out of the box. White/grey, white/chalk, and chalk/blue available in unisex sizing. White/rose and Vintage chalk/blue available in women’s sizing.
  • BB 4000 II ($90) – Originally launched in 1989, the BB 4000 III was the update to Reebok’s first basketball footwear range from 1986. This iteration of the shoe stays true to the worn-in, heritage feel. White/maroon and chalk/blue available in unisex sizing.
  • BB 4000 II MID ($100) – This shoe features a blended design language informed by the classic lineage of the BB family and of the early PUMP-Basketball era. The model stays true to the vintage aesthetic with suede accents and a terry lining. White/green and chalk/blue available in unisex sizing

Paired with the footwear is a range of apparel in unisex and women’s sizing including the Classics Crest Short Sleeve ($35), Classics AE Pant ($70), Classics Y2K Baby Tee ($35), and Classics Wide Straight Leg Pant ($65).

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Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource