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After landing songwriting credits with Beyonce’ on Church Girl, releasing a top notch national mixtape, Memories 3, and receiving a proclamation from New Orleans City Council for his contribution to hip hop, New Orleans award winning songwriter/artist Devious got back to his creative space. He hit the studio with his fellow songwriter/producer DeeDay on a new jamming single “Ready”.  The single is an energetic, grown and sexy vibe that captures the essence of hip hop, rhythm and blues, and bounce. 

“I wanted to forward the culture with a vulnerable feel good sound that any listener could enjoy,” said Devious. DeeDay and Devious have been working together under the alliance, The Bounce Factory, which is a team of New Orleans songwriters. The two have been submitting fresh new music to major labels for placements since 2021. This time around they decided to collaborate and make a smash hit for the city of New Orleans.

“I’m glad Devious came with some fresh ideas. I could really be creative with them,” said DeeDay. DeeDay is a flagship producer making noise across the markets and he recently joined with T-Pain as a producer. “He’s a hard worker and he always delivers,” said Devious. 


“When I made the Ready track I was inspired by the sample Devious sent to me, it had a lot of melodic elements in the track that really stuck out to me, and when I seen the bpm to the track, I knew it would fit perfect with some Nola vibes to it, “ said DeeDay. 

Devious also continues to work with fellow award winning songwriter/artist/producer S-8ighty. “I Might” is the additional single on the “Ready” maxi-single. Devious and S-8ighty have a string of hits including “Beautiful Soul,” “Go Girl,” and “Love Is Real.” They complement each other on “I Might” which was produced by Suede Da Remix God who is also an acclaimed songwriter/producer. “Basically if she go hard for me, I just might go hard for her,” said S-8ighty when asked about his songwriting inspiration for the collaboration. 


Devious said S-8ighty sends ideas when he least expects it. “It might be 2 in the morning and 80 will shoot me something fresh to work with. Sometimes I do the same but his process could either be calculated or spontaneous. That’s what makes him unique,” said Devious. 

It comes as no surprise that three acclaimed songwriters from New Orleans are off to a blazing start during the holiday season. They are definitely ready to usher hip hop listeners into 2024. Devious was involved with fifteen regional singles in 2023 from an artist and A&R position. He plans on keeping up the energy this upcoming year. 

Devious’ release “Ready” is available December 25th on all digital platforms.

Article written by Sha Be Allah #TheSource