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Actress Nia Long has reached an agreement in her custody battle with ex-partner Ime Udoka, following their separation amid a widely publicized cheating scandal. As per the latest court documents, Long has been granted sole physical custody of their 12-year-old son, Kez, along with a substantial monthly child support settlement.

ETonline reports that the court documents, which they obtained, outline the specifics of the custody and support agreement. Nia Long will receive $32,500 per month in child support from Ime Udoka. This figure, while notable, is about half of what the court initially indicated she might be entitled to, but was ultimately the amount mutually agreed upon by Long and Udoka.

In terms of custody, the agreement stipulates that Long will have sole physical custody of their son, accounting for 95 percent of the time. Meanwhile, Udoka, who is a professional basketball coach, has been allotted a “5 percent timeshare” with Kez. This arrangement acknowledges both Long’s and Udoka’s schedules, providing Udoka with reasonable visitation rights.

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The court documents also state, “If the parties are unable to agree upon Udoka’s visitation with Kez, they shall consult and work together with Kez’s treating therapist to encourage the visits with Udoka, and the therapist will inform the parties of what is best for Kez.” .

Despite the arrangement for physical custody, Long and Udoka will still share joint legal custody of Kez. This means they will both have the right and responsibility to make decisions concerning their son’s health, education, and welfare. The documents elaborate, “Long and Udoka shall confer with each other before making such decisions and confirm their decisions in writing.” In cases of disagreement, Long will have the authority to make the final decision for Kez, provided she gives Udoka 24 hours’ advance written notice.

The resolution of this custody battle comes after a turbulent period for Nia Long and Ime Udoka, marked by the public unraveling of their relationship. The agreement reflects a commitment to prioritizing the best interests of their son, amidst the challenges of navigating co-parenting post-separation.

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource