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Trae Tha Truth is a man of many talents, from rapper to entrepreneur to philanthropist and so much more. Now, he adds actor to his resume.

The Houston, Texas native is as excited as ever to announce his new starring role in the new movie Sole, released exclusively on Tubi. The film serves as a comedy, following a character named Eddie (played by Trae), who opens a shoe store called Sole. Unbeknownst to him, as soon as his father gets locked up, Eddie gets left with a $2 million debt that was left behind as a result.

The plot on Tubi reads: “It’s Sole’s grand opening, and Eddie’s juggling family, friends, and even the cops. In the midst of the chaos, he’s on a wild quest to uncover his dad’s hidden cash, attracting old associates and questionable police. This comedic drama unfolds in hilarious situations, blending laughter and suspense as we wonder about Eddie’s fate and the authenticity of the mysterious money. ‘Sole’ promises to be a modern-day classic.”

Directed by Philly Fly Boy, Sole stars an exciting cast, including Trae tha Truth, Darius “Raambo2funny” Wilkerson, Montis “Monty” Harrison, Monie “Irman Jones” Jonezy, Valentin “Brick Wolfpack” Montemayor, and Mulan Hernandez.

Clocking in at an hour and 15 minutes, Sole is a true testament to Trae Tha Truth’s work ethic and ability to excel in anything he partakes in. Celebrities of all genres have been posting and spreading the word of how funny the film is. 

Trae states, “This movie meant a lot because it’s my first time stepping in a new arena. We filmed and completed it in eight days, was super nervous how it would be taken but everyone loves it. My partners Philly Fly Boy and Ricky Rich decided to shoot it guerilla style and try something and here we are… with a Houston Classic: Sole.”

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He adds, “We coming to invade Tubi lol.”

Watch Sole on Tubi now!

Article written by Shirley Ju #TheSource