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To celebrate the 66th Grammy Weekend, Gala Music and Lucid Monday presented an event that felt like a serene pause amidst the chaos—the “Family No Friends Brunch.” Despite the unusual gray weather in Los Angeles, guests gathered at the picturesque Audio Chateau in Brentwood Hills for a memorable celebration dedicated to recognizing exceptional music producers worldwide and their Grammy Nominations. A rare occasion to shine a spotlight on the often unsung heroes behind the scenes of the music industry. 

The event attracted a diverse crowd, including music enthusiasts, artists, and industry insiders, all united under a shared ethos of authenticity and mutual respect for the art of music. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and appreciation, creating an intimate space for the convergence of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the craft. 

Without the confines of a dress code, attendees were invited to embody their true selves, creating an atmosphere that was relaxed, comfortable, and profoundly genuine. The event was a testament to Gala Music’s vision of fostering a music community that values individuality and the autonomous raw expression of artistry. Lucid Monday, a producer-centric label, management, and media company, added a layer of connectivity and groundedness to the event. Their mission to establish a stage for the most innovative musicians in the music industry complemented the day’s spirit. 

The highlight of the brunch was the acknowledgment of top music producers and their Grammy Nominations. Honorees were celebrated for their significant contributions to the industry. 

TIHANE and Jewel Chang brought the event to life for viewers tuning in via the Gala Music App, personally taking them through the festivities as people mingled, enjoyed tacos, and sipped on their favorite drinks. 

Although the gathering provided a distinctive platform for networking and collaborations among industry professionals, all felt the “Family No Friends” concept. This unique theme resonated deeply, symbolizing a space where professional relationships blur into the realm of personal connections, reflecting a community that supports and uplifts one another beyond mere industry ties. 

The event saw star-studded appearances, including the Grammy-nominated Wondagurl, whose presence added an extra layer of excitement. Chart-topping producers Cash Money AP, and BNYX, bringing their own brand of musical excellence. A diverse mix of artists from Cochise and Mod Sun to Freddy Gibbs could be found adding to the creative buzz. Actor Ethan Cutkosky and industry tastemaker Zane Lowe sprinkled a touch of Hollywood glamor and creative energy to the event. 

The celebration drew in an eclectic mix of talent and personalities, including Heavy Mellow, Jazz Cartier, 44Phantom, Tyler Henry, Wodness, London Cyr and Ilykimchi. Plus Gala Artists Jewel Change, TIHANE and Louis King.

Lucid Monday’s “Family No Friends” Grammy Brunch and Reception at the Audio Chateau was a spectacular celebration of talent, creativity, and the collaborative spirit that defines the music industry. As Grammy nominees and industry influencers mingled, it marked not only a recognition of past achievements but also a catalyst for future collaborations that will undoubtedly shape the music of generations to come. The combination of great music, culinary delights, and a glamorous setting made this brunch a standout event in the prelude to the Grammy Awards.

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Article written by Shirley Ju #TheSource