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G Herbo revealed his viral interview with Southside on Funny Marco’s show was staged.

In case you missed it, Marco was bullied, insulted, and even had his $30,000 watch deliberately broken by Southside and G-Herbo.

Funny Marco took to social media to let everyone know that the incident was not scripted, and he posted it on his socials so that his followers could see what actually happened and also so that he could learn from this humiliating experience.

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In an appearance on Drink Champs, Herbo said it was all a big troll job, revealing a positive relationship with Marco.

“We already had a relationship prior to doing the interview and shit,” Herbo said. “And the head of his production staff told us to, like, troll him. Like, it was supposed to be a surprise to come on there to troll him.”

Herbo admitted he and Southside were “a little off the sauce” but ultimately there is no “bad blood.”

You can hear it from Herbo below.

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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