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For many, Spring is a time for renewal and fresh starts. It’s also the perfect opportunity to dive into the dating scene, with the aim of making lasting first impressions. Lora Arellano, the renowned makeup artist and founder of Melt Cosmetics, recently partnered with Match Group’s Chispa, the leading dating app for Latinos, to share her expert beauty tips for those ready to meet their match. Lora unveils how to embrace true beauty and authenticity, ensuring you leave a memorable mark on your first date.

The essence of making a striking first impression, according to Lora, lies in the art of subtlety. “Makeup should enhance your natural features,” she advises, emphasizing that over-application can detract rather than attract. The goal is for your date to be captivated by your features, not overwhelmed by your makeup. This approach fosters a genuine connection from the get-go!

Lora’s extensive experience working with high-profile celebrities has deeply influenced her views on beauty. She reveals that fearlessness and authenticity in one’s style are key to making a lasting impact. “The most successful artists are those who are relatable, authentic, and trendsetters rather than trend followers,” Lora shares. This philosophy extends to personal beauty routines, where being true to oneself can spark a unique allure that sets you apart in the dating world.

Lora Arellano
Lora Arellano

Drawing inspiration from her Latina heritage, Lora incorporates elements of bold color and classic elegance into her beauty tips. She fondly recalls the iconic looks of vintage Mexican cinema—clean skin and bold red lips—a testament to timeless beauty that resonates to this day. Embracing cultural roots can add a deeply personal touch to your beauty routine, making your first date look unforgettable.

Fun Fact: Lora’s first entry into online dating was on Chispa, to find someone with a similar cultural background and interests. The app currently has over 9MM downloads and is described as a community platform where Latinos and Latinas can find meaningful connections. 

When asked about her go-to look for dating, Lora champions the appeal of natural beauty. A foundation that mimics the texture of skin, complemented by warm-toned blush, subtle lip color, and delicate eye makeup, can create an effortlessly stunning effect. This approach not only highlights your best features but also ensures you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

For Lora, representing Latina culture in the beauty industry is not just important—it’s imperative. As both a Latina makeup artist and an entrepreneur, she is acutely aware of the need for more representation. Through her work, Lora aims to inspire and empower, demonstrating that diversity and authenticity are not just trends but foundations for genuine expression and success.

We asked Lora what her go-to music playlists are. “I love listening to Karol G, she’s such a vibe. Reggaeton music gets me in the mood to get dolled up and get out there.” Music, much like makeup, is a form of expression that can set the tone for the night ahead.

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource