At almost 23-years-old, Zendaya is more concerned with creating a career with longevity than she is with fitting into the ever-changing current culture. The actress, model, designer, writer, producer, and singer gained prominence as a Disney channel star and later released a hit, self-titled album on Hollywood Records back in 2013. While her team may have wanted to see Zendaya return to music, she says that she doesn’t have plans to revisit her singing career anytime soon. 

“I think the [music] industry takes a little bit of passion away from you,” Zendaya told Paper magazine for her feature. “It sucks you dry a little bit. What I thought I wanted, it’s not what I want anymore, [especially] when I think about what I had to deal with in the music industry.” She doesn’t go into detail about what she experienced exactly, but she did offer up some words of wisdom for others aspiring to be the next big music artist.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images  

“If anyone asks my number one advice, for [the entertainment] industry in general but mostly the music industry, it’s look over those contracts, every single word, and don’t sign anything that isn’t worth it to you,” she said. “You are worth more than they will say that you are.” Zendaya stars in HBO’s Euphoria, a series produced by Drake that’s set to premiere on June 19.