While the NBA Finals is usually a big story because of the players on the court, Drake has been doing so much trash talking that he has been able to steal much the attention. Drake usually sits courtside at Raptors games and can be found yelling at opposing players, with the Golden State Warriors being the target during the Finals. The Canadian rapper has been referred to as a superfan by analysts which is something that seemed to offend comedian Bill Burr.

At about the 8:00-minute mark of his latest podcast, Burr ripped into Drake and had some pretty harsh words regarding his status as a “superfan.”

“I watched a little bit of the NBA Finals and the fact that they’re calling Drake a superfan, it’s just like, I know it’s a business, I know it’s about money, but that guy is the furthest thing from a superfan […] A superfan is there through thick and thin. Where the f*ck has this guy been. All of the sudden, Drake comes in, who’s a super bandwagon fan, to the point he has to wear a f***ing wristband or a headband on his fucking arm because he’s got tattoos of the jerseys of the players on the other f***ing team.”

Other have expressed their appreciation for Drake’s antics, including former player Shaq who said the rapper knows exactly what he’s doing and that it’s really not that big of a problem.