Vince Carter will be looking to make history next season when he jumps on the court as he’ll become the first player in NBA history to play 22 seasons. Of course, Carter is a free agent so he’ll be waiting for a team to sign him before that can happen. Considering the fact that the 42-year-old is still productive at his age, he shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a team. If he were to play next season, he would turn 43 years old in January which would make him one of the oldest players to ever play the game.

Today on ESPN’s The Jump, Carter spoke about his historic career and told the crew that next season will be his last campaign in the league. His 22nd season will be his last which will surely lead to quite a large farewell tour that will make even Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki jealous.

Carter was most famous for playing for the Toronto Raptors at the beginning of his career. While with the Raptors, Carter won the dunk contest and put the team on the map as far as legitimate franchises go.

If Carter plays during the second half of the year, he will become the first player to play in four different decades. Salute to a legend.