Indya Moore is a noted activist within the Transgender community, in addition to the responsibilities she currently within the cast of FX’s Pose – where she portrays “Angel Evangelista,” a drag queen who dabbles in sex work. Moore’s character isn’t the only one with strong inclinations towards the LGBTQ community, as the show is essentially an homage to New York City’s Ball Culture in the late 80s and 90s.

That being said, it’s easy to see why Indya Moore, or any of her castmates would be subjected to wrathful Donald Trump supporters if they crossed paths. Regrettably, that’s exactly what transpired this afternoon when the actress was leaving the Manhattan location where Pose is regularly shot and conceived.

As you’ll see, upon leaving the building, Indya Moore found herself face to face with a horde of overzealous Trump supporters. The following begins with her trampling a “Re-elect Trump” sign – after which she exclaims, “Well, you guys aren’t fans of our show, and we don’t want you to be fans of our show.”

Then for some reason, a couple of police officers tasked with “crowd control” inform Moore that she was unlucky to come out unscathed. “You could’ve died for Trump! He could’ve stabbed you!”

The video in question was submitted to Facebook by a known Trump supporter going by the name of Dion Cini. Their social networking profile clearly notes their allegiances by way of photographic evidence, namely photos where they’ve shown face at Trump rallies with “Blue Lives Matter” signage and rhetoric. 

Cini, who ostensibly filmed everything from a bird’s eye view, later pressed charges against Indya Moore on the grounds that she disfigured a poster that cost well over $250 to fabricate. For her part, Moore thanked her fans for the immediate support she received in the advent of video being posted on social media this afternoon. It doesn’t seem as though Moore will face charges for larceny, or anything for that matter. Fingers crossed on all fronts.