Fat-shaming is one of the least cool things you can do. There is literally no point in doing it. What are you getting out of telling someone that they look a little bigger than the average body type? Especially when we’re talking about somebody like Reginae Carter, who isn’t a single pound overweight, there is no place in commenting about somebody’s weight. This weekend, Lil Wayne‘s daughter posted a few pictures of herself and her crew getting all glammed up when a hater slid into the comments to tell her that because of her body type, she doesn’t “belong” in the image. Reginae kept her cool but her mother Toya Wright was furious, responding back to the man with two simple words.

“Umm, maybe if you was taller and slimmer but you don’t belong in this picture,” said somebody in the comments before Toya clapped back with a sharp reply. “Fuck you,” she wrote, keeping things short and sweet. This isn’t the first time she’s taken to the comments section to defend her daughter. Last summer, she got livid after people kept messing around with her little girl’s name, calling her “Resume” instead of Reginae. 

Reginae doesn’t seem bothered about the negativity in her comments box. She returned today with several bikini photos, showing off her healthy figure and ignoring the hate.