With Joe Budden and Cyn Santana breaking up a few weeks ago, all the attention has been shifted to Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels. The two couples were seemingly involved in a popularity contest on Love & Hip Hop, trying to one-up the other to become everybody’s favourite LHH pairing. While next season will surely introduce some more romance to the table, Erica and Safaree are left at the top of the totem pole. They’re still planning on getting married soon but before that, they wanted to take a moment to brag about just how valuable they are to the show.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Safaree took to social media to share a photo of himself and his queen posing for the cameras. Erica leans against the wall and sticks out her behind while Safaree looks straight at the photographer, grabs a feel of his fiancée’s booty and lets his shirt flow with the wind. In his caption, he makes a bold claim that can only be backed up by the ratings. “We’re TV Gold,” said Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend. “A blind man could see that.” He went on to praise Erica Mena, telling his followers that she’s “no regular girl.”

Do you think that Erica Mena and Safaree are the most buzzworthy couple from Love & Hip-Hop now? Are they really “TV Gold?”