YesJulz came to prominence as a party promoter in hip-hop but as she’s tried to assert herself into the rap game further, she continuously falls short. Mainly for being tone deaf which is why Twitter, once again, dragged her through the depth of the Internet. 

In a second time in a matter of months, YesJulz found herself in the midst of some controversy after saying that she’d summon her ancestors. She asked her followers earlier this week about the best spots in NYC to throw a pop-up party in NYC. One person in particular, a Black male, replied, “Wherever it is I’m coming starting a fight and getting it shut down!” That’s exactly when YesJulz decided to invoke the presence of her ancestors to defeat the possible party-crasher.

“Good luck babes! My ancestors will always have our backs,” she wrote. Of course, YesJulz quickly deleted the tweet but not before screenshots were taken. Many began to call out YesJulz for her subtle-but-not racism.

“YesJulz saying that her ancestors have her back is the spiritual equivalent of a middle aged white woman asking for the manager when she doesn’t get her way. Please let your great great great grandmother, YesethJuliet, decompose in peace,” one user wrote.

Another said, “It amazes me how she does something like this every year and still has a billion black friends.”

Earlier this year, Earl Sweatshirt slammed “AffirmativeJulz”, who’s constantly playing the victim after she gets called out, for a radio freestyle she did in an attempt to justify being a culture vulture while accusing black people of not giving back to her community. She later apologized and cried on her Snapchat. 

We’re sure she and Tomi Lahren would be great friends if they ever met.