First off, Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur. The monolithic rapper would have been 48 years old today (June 16, 2019). Despite all the looney bin theories to have surfaced since his passing in 1996, the incident details are still bandied about to this day. Retired LAPD detective reaffirmed his stance that Orlando “Baby” Anderson was the main culprit behind the drive-by-killing.

Steve Eichner/Getty Images

Anderson has long been associated with Pac’s killing, despite several members of the rapper’s entourage refuting those claims. One of the individuals offering an opposing viewpoint to Kading’s hypothesis is none other than Napoleon of the Outlawz. His belief is that, although his comrade Kadafi, also of the Outlawz, saw the killer in plain sight, yet couldn’t ID within a limited time frame – the problem being, Kadafi was accidentally shot to death within two months of Pac’s death.

Incidentally, Kading’s appearance on Today Australia didn’t break any new ground whatsoever. “Anderson was the guy that Tupac had a fight with earlier that evening and he came back and retaliated with his crew,” the retired detective reiterated as he’d done countless times in the past. For additional context, Kading led the initial investigation into 2Pac‘s death, as well as the inquiry of Biggie’s killing the following year. The interview segment can be viewed within Today Australia’s media stream, right here.