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MIKE’s peculiar sampling has made him something of an oddity in the landscape of contemporary rap. New Jacks will liken his layered/muffled production style to likes of Earl Sweatshirt or Chester Watson. “it’s like basketball” is good to place to begin the second incursion into MIKE’s oddball universe of emotional viscera.

In December, the vagabond emcee crafted War in my Pen, an experiential account of his backtracking, to and fro New York, London, and Nigeria in his lifetime. Produced by Sporting Life & ​dj blackpower, “it’s like basketball,” has been singled out as the teasing single for his follow-up project tears of joy, due on the eve of 21st of June. Most youths wanted to follow in Michael Jordan‘s footsteps, but MIKE was seemingly cut from a different cloth. A younger MIKE simply wanted the rock in his possession when on the offensive. Keep it locked for the 21st if “its like basketball” does anything for your mental.


Quotable Lyrics:

Sucks ’cause he could’ve made bucks, he was hating
Stuck by still, make much on the pavement
‘Nough said, bro, you heard your stuff, you was tasteless
Love left and I got up, got Mason
Puff sense and we get drunk on occasion.


Article written by Devin Ch #HotNewHipHop