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After making his full-length debut with In Bloom, Forever earlier in the year, Brockton-based artist Lord Felix kicks off the summer with his newest Ultraviolet EP.

With only four months separating the two projects, Lord Felix has managed to cast an assured presence of growth, only strengthening his catalog. You’ll find Ultraviolet boasting a track listing of three total songs, with each cut seamlessly moving into the next and making for a bittersweet listen that ends almost as quickly as it arrives. 

This time around, Felix recruits from his usual selection of collaborators with the likes of Rilla Force and Leo The Kind handling production on the output. Together, they all craft a cohesive backdrop that blends striking elements of pop and rock, giving a strong nod toward the developed ear of Lord Felix while gifting listeners with a refreshing entry to Hip-Hop’s current landscape. On vocal assists, you’ll find contributions from Notebook P, Lilacs, and a return from Leo The Kind, ultimately cementing a layered project that makes a rare attempt at emphasizing instrumentation and arrangement just as much as it does lyricism.

Article written by Milca P. #HotNewHipHop